Miley discusses her VMA performance on Ellen [x]

To be quite honest, Miley is schooling everyone right now. She knows exactly what’s going on.

Double standards aight I feel ya miles


Listen to it here where Justin posted  it on his Vevo :

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So if you’re a belieber I’m sure you’d know that ‘All That Matters’ comes out in a matter of hours, more so midnight tonight. Now we cannot slack, we gotta promote this thing. Even if it’s going on ask fm, tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, youtube or even omegle..Please promote. And oh yeah when it’s out request it on the radio stations. And please a word of advice: Don’t tweet the radio stations, they won’t take us seriously. Either go online and request or call. Idek if promoting leads to you sticking up posters in the public, as long as it’s promoted, then it’d do good. Admittedly people are saying that Heartbreaker was a complete flop. But come on number one in sixty two countries under twenty four hours ain’t that bad at all. And we converted some haters so yay! I think the reason why it’s not hip and slaying charts yet is bc for one it ain’t about getting girls, partying and drugs, boobs and all that jazz. It’s sincere and reflects the heart broken reality of losing your first true love. And still people just hate Justin so they won’t give his music a chance. But that won’t stop us. Forget the follow tricks on Twitter, how much your header and icon match and just promote you lazy ass bitches. Tweet heartbreaker to non belieber accounts bc of course belieber accounts already know of it yoo. Just try, make Justin proud. He’s worked his sexy ass off, please do your part as a devoted belieber and make him proud.
Thanks:) x

rooting for my baby: jackasslantern: People keep saying to stop hating Lorde and that we...


People keep saying to stop hating Lorde and that we should support women in the music industry but here’s why I’m not listening to you: Lorde is toxic. She’s not a good female role model and she’s not empowering to young girls. The only thing she’s teaching them is that it’s…


does this look like i'm walking down the stairs?



Heartbreaker have went from #1 to #12 on itunes and i figured that some us stopped promoting so i’m creating this promotion plan called #MUSICMONDAYSTOTOP10 OR #MMTOTOP10.  

Basically we are gonna do a MASS promotion to the current #MusicMondays which are Heartbreaker & All That Matters. When we get each title for every song i’ll update this post with the links and the artwork weekly, By the end of the 10 weeks, we will try to get all the #musicmondays to top 10 and even try to get them on the billboard charts. 

What should we do exactly is to try and trend #MUSICMONDAYSTOTOP10 OR #MMTOTOP10 on twitter, Buy all the songs on iTunes And request them on local near radio stations! 


  • HEARTBREAKER: Buy it on iTunes / Request it 
  • ALL THAT MATTERS: Not Available Yet 

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